Pre-sale service. Before the formal cooperation begins, you can contact us through our email at the top of the website, or though the message box of contact us. Once we receive your inquiries, a professional salesman will contact you to communicate for your order requirements in 24 hours. At this stage, we will discuss and confirm about the direction and needs of your cooperation. If you need custom service, we will provide customized solutions and suggestions according to your requirements. Customization range includes cap colors and logo customization, specification customization, mixed polypeptide customization. After your order cooperation plan and details is confirmed, we will place your order to factory and start the production once receive the payment. During the process of communication, you can let us know if you have any questions, we sincerely look forward to your inquries.

1 to 1 communication service. In the process of our cooperation, a professional salesman will communicate with you for your orders, including details of the order, progress, package and delivery, payment method, the product information and so on. We will explain to you according to the actual situation. If necessary, we will communicate the plans for your order arrangement in time, such as delivery time and shipping methods, production arrangement, customization plans and so on.

After-sale service. After production done and shipment made, we will provide tracking number for the orders for customes to check the progress of logistics. If there are any doubts in transit, or if any documents is needed for customs clearance, we will do our best to coordinate and communicate with you in time. If you have any inquiries about the quality of the product, we will investigate with the reasons actively, learn the actual situation with customer, in order to eliminate the result error caused by improper operation. After getting all specific details, we will analysis for the reason and if it's necessary we will test our products and provide the results report and solutions for our customers. we attach great importance to customers feedback and advice for our products and service. We will much appreciate if you can communicate with us and provide feedback with detail data for our reference, and we also will provide the best service for you as always!
If you have any problem when using the website or our products, please write down your comments or suggestions, we will answer your questions as soon as possible!Thank you for your attention!