• Volume production
    Volume production


    Our company have 4-year-experience on producing volume production orders, order product categories include Human growth Hormone (HGH) and most peptide products, such as CJC 1295, CJC 1295 DAC, Ghrp6, Ghrp2, HGH Fragment, Hexarelin, Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, IGF LR3, TB500, Melanotan-2(MT-2), PEG MGF, MGF, BPC157, Erythropoietin(EPO) and so on. If there are any order requests, please contact us to establish the order and communicate for order confirmation, the order delivery time is one week. if you need customized services, please let us know your customize requirements and details clearly. Following is a brief introduction for the process and details of volume production, for your reference if you have custom orders. Order Communication Please contact us through email or message box on Custom, we will provide information for quotations, shipping cost, order processing and delivery date and shipping arrangements for your reference. Please note the minimum order quantity is 200 vials, our quotation varies based on your order volume, larger the order quantity will be offer more favourable price. Welcome to your inquries and consultation. Payment Confirmation After negotiating the order, we will provide the convenient payment methods to customer to pay, we accept western union, Money Gram, Bank transfer/TT, Aliexpress and Bitcoin. For normal specification product, we will arrange the shipment within 1-2 work days after the payment confirmed, customized products need to be arranged to produce according to customer requirements. Factory Orders Arrangement Once the customized order is established, the order will be placed to the factory to arrange production immediately.The capacity of factory is 6500/24hr, which means that it can deal with bulk orders. Please feel free to communicate with us for your needs. Production Process The operating process of our factory production is as follows: Firstly, preparation for production. Workers will clean and disinfect the bottles, breakers, and production equipment used in following week of production. The second step is to weigh, dissolve and filter raw materials, subdivide, apply rubber plugs on bottles. After that, the vials will be into lyophilizer and freeze-dried.This process takes dozens of hours to freeze-dry in lyophilizer. After the product is taken out from lyophilizer, it will be capped, packaged, and shipped to the our company. We will communicate with customers to arrange delivery when we receive the product from the factory. Above is the production process of our factory, if you have any order requirements, please contact us one week in advance or more than one week to avoid any delays on delivery time.
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  • First-rate equipment
    First-rate equipment


    The main products which manufactured by Custom peptidestech Co., Ltd are HGH and peptide series products, the factory complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standardization workshop required by the pharmaceutical quality safety management system. The output of our factory can reach up to 30,000 bottles a week, and the maximum production is about 120,000 bottles monthly. The status of the main equipment of the factory. Water purification system In the factory, Laboratory Pure Water System equipment is used to glassware washing and pure water supply for the entire factory. The water circulation in the workshop is prepared by pure water system device to ensure the cleanliness of the water supply in the workshop and meet the water impurity filter standards. In addition, we use the ultrapurified water produced by the Ultra Pure Water Machine to carry out the dissolution of raw materials in the core workshop and product subdividing. The ultrapure water system filters out ions in the pure water and get fresh water with high purity. Sterilization system The glassware like bottles, beakers, rubber stoppers and other apparatus will undergo multiple washings and sterilization then get them dried before production. For example, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Pressure Steam Sterilizer (special for rubber plug), High Temperature Sterilizer, Professional Dryer and so on will be applied to sterilization system. Air conditioning system and air filtration system The ventilation system of the workshop is equipped with the air conditioning system and air filtration system. The ventilation system is provided by a positive pressure supply from the core workshop to the common cleanliness area. This ensures that the core workshop will always maintain the highest degree of cleanliness. Ventilators equipped with high-grade bacteria filtration system at the top of each regional cleanroom, that ensures the air circulation in the workshop, and the air conditioning system equipment ensures a stable temperature in the workshop.
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  • Professional service
    Professional service


    Pre-sale service. Before the formal cooperation begins, you can contact us through our email at the top of the website, or though the message box of contact us. Once we receive your inquiries, a professional salesman will contact you to communicate for your order requirements in 24 hours. At this stage, we will discuss and confirm about the direction and needs of your cooperation. If you need custom service, we will provide customized solutions and suggestions according to your requirements. Customization range includes cap colors and logo customization, specification customization, mixed polypeptide customization. After your order cooperation plan and details is confirmed, we will place your order to factory and start the production once receive the payment. During the process of communication, you can let us know if you have any questions, we sincerely look forward to your inquries. 1 to 1 communication service. In the process of our cooperation, a professional salesman will communicate with you for your orders, including details of the order, progress, package and delivery, payment method, the product information and so on. We will explain to you according to the actual situation. If necessary, we will communicate the plans for your order arrangement in time, such as delivery time and shipping methods, production arrangement, customization plans and so on. After-sale service. After production done and shipment made, we will provide tracking number for the orders for customes to check the progress of logistics. If there are any doubts in transit, or if any documents is needed for customs clearance, we will do our best to coordinate and communicate with you in time. If you have any inquiries about the quality of the product, we will investigate with the reasons actively, learn the actual situation with customer, in order to eliminate the result error caused by improper operation. After getting all specific details, we will analysis for the reason and if it's necessary we will test our products and provide the results report and solutions for our customers. we attach great importance to customers feedback and advice for our products and service. We will much appreciate if you can communicate with us and provide feedback with detail data for our reference, and we also will provide the best service for you as always!
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  • Our laboratory
    Our laboratory


    Custom peptidestech Lab established in 2014, laboratory mainly functions at 4 parts: peptide synthesis, bacterial fermentation, peptide purification, analysis and testing, which satisfies the synthesis and production of polypeptide and protein raw materials, quality control of products, test and analysis of polypeptide products. The design of laboratory is simple and exquisite, it’s equiped with the temperature control ventilation system, the water supply and the purified water supply, which satisfies the needs of environment request for each kind of experiments. Laboratory operation function and testing equipments: 1.Polypeptide synthesis. A successful synthesis of a polypeptide consists of different peptides or short peptides that are linked together by a polypeptide synthesizer to form the target polypeptide. For example, the GHRP-6 is composed of a peptide sequence HIS-D-TRP-ALA-TRP--D-PHE-LYS-NH2 in turn by a combination of links. 2.Bacteria ferment to obtain the target protein. The principle of bacterial fermentation is: Select the specific strains to be cultivated from the base of the strains library, and cultivate sufficient number of bacteria in the fermentation tanks with adequate water and temperature, and then collect and purify the target bacterial cells to obtain the protein raw material. 3.Polypeptide purification. Inject the dissolved polypeptide raw materials into the equipment called preparative liquid chromatograph. Machine will run according to the required purification time for different products for 0.5-2 hours, the product and impurities will be automatically separated in this process, the process will repeat 2-3 times until impurities is completely separated, to get our purified polypeptide raw materials. 4.Analysis and testing. Every batch of raw materials we produced will be tested by rigorous testing, such as HPLC, MS, endotoxin, microbial testing, moisture content, product content, and so on. These projects mainly done through the equipment High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC), Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS), Ion Chromatography, Moisture tester and other instruments. Our strict control on testing makes the product in line with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards, for example, the water content standard of product is less than 6%, the standard of the product content is greater than 80%, purity standard is more than 95% purity, bacterial endotoxin standard is less than 2.5eu/bottle, aseptic testing standard requires absolute aseptic. Facing the future, the laboratory will continue to insist scientific development, seize the opportunity, to be pioneering and innovative, continuously promote the synthesis, production technology and quality, enhance the ability of independent innovation, so that we have more advantages in global competition!
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  • Packing and Shipping
    Packing and Shipping


    In order to protect the product from damage, the packaging of the order will be packaged by professional packaging. For example, we will wrap the multi-layer bubble film and put it into the cardboard box to ensure the product can be well protected. During transportation, it is transported at room temperature, the product can be stored at room temperature (37 Celsius degrees) for 2 months, the quality of the product is not affected. Please put the product in the refrigerator immediately after receiving the package, so that the product can last for longer time and the quality of the product can be more stable, the polypeptide product can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 years. Transportation will be distributed into 2 ways. For customers in the US and Canada, we will ship from United States domestically. The shipment is usually arranged in 48hours after payment, and the package will be delivered within 3-7 days. If there are slight delays in holidays and bad weather, we will also issue a notice in time to keep you updated. Orders from other countries will be shipped from China, and the delivery method is based on the customs clearance of your country. We generally use the international express delivery methods like Fedex, EMS, HKpost, DHL, UPS, etc. If the customer has the customs clearance ability advantage, we warmly welcome you to discuss with us the specific cooperation direction and details on shipping.
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  • HGH Fragment 176-191 and  results.
    HGH Fragment 176-191 and results.

    25 Dec 2018

    HGH Fragment 176-191 and  results. HGH fragment 176-191 is a valid treatment for obesity and much safer than conventional growth hormone. This substance,which is totally different of human growth hormone, doesn’t have any negative effect on insulin sensitivity. HGH Fragment is capable to control fat metabolism with no expense or bad effects on insulin sensitivity.The existence of HGH revoke the formation of fatty acids and lipids,which means that there is a fat burning component  responsible for the same. Although it burns lipids and fats,the users are truly believed that they do not feel any hunger suppressing qualities of any unnecessary side effects connected to the burning compound like the ephedrine. Scientific studies shows that Fragment 176-191 won’t lead to hyperglycemia cause it don’t have solve any problems  and it doesn’t compete for HGH receptors. At times, HGH will help you get several benefits such as lean body mass, protein synthesis, increase bone mineral density, and better sleeping patterns. HGH Frag 176-191 will not only assure you with a lean body but also strengthen your bones and muscle tissues that will benefit or assist you to improve the functions of your vital organs. It doesn’t influence your glucose contents so it wouldn’t be effective of your glucose sensitivity. HGH Fragment 176-191 Dosage (For reference): In most studies favorable results have been shown with dosages between 400-600mcg or 4-6mcg/kg split into multiple dosages per day. A typical beginner protocol for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191 would be: 200mcg before breakfast 200mcg 30 minutes prior to training Approximately 5-7 days a week – subcutaneous injections
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  • How much muscle will I put on by using Human Growth Hormone(Somatropin)?
    How much muscle will I put on by using Human Growth Hormone(Somatropin)?

    13 Nov 2018

    How much muscle will I put on by using Human Growth Hormone(Somatropin)? The effects of Somatropin reflects to different body conditions and results depend on many factors.  20% – 30% of lean muscle during a 4-5 months long HGH therapy if it's done in optimal conditions. The results become noticeable after about 2 months of use. The amount of muscle gained by using HGH depends on many factors including one’s daily physical strain (workout), genetics, diet, age, quality and quantity of sleep, lifestyle, previous usage of steroids or HGH, etc. With an estimate of an overall healthy first time HGH user who is in good shape, works out 3-5 times per week, sleeps at least 7 hours per night and eats a protein rich diet can expect to gain between 20 – 30 percent of muscle mass within 4-5 months. Or if I put it differently – at the dose of 4IU per day, growth hormone will help an already active individual push past his previous muscle building limit by 20% to 30%. Results from the first HGH cycle are always the most drastic – no subsequent cycle will match the success of the initial one. This might be because: In initial cycle the body is surprised by the high levels of HGH (and consequently IGF-1). By the time it develops the ability to control such levels of HGH/IGF, the muscle ceiling has already expanded by 20% – 30%. After the initial HGH cycle (or steroid use) the muscle growth “ceiling” is already pretty high. The body is designed to retain just enough muscle as is needed for the person’s daily work routines. Excess muscle is gradually removed. An active individual using growth hormone to build muscle eventually reaches his “muscle ceiling” (his personal best) during every HGH cycle, but to him the result might not feel that impressive after the first time – he has seen it before.
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New Products
  • Thymosin Beta-4

    TB500 Thymosin Beta-4 Healing Peptide

    Thymosin Beta-4(TB500) is a protein which consists of 43 amino acids. It is a naturally peptide present in almost all animal and human cells.  It plays a vital role in building new blood vessels, new small muscle tissue fibers, cell migration and blood cell reproduction as TB500 is a synthetic peptide that has been directly linked to recovery. These properties become very desirable when we look to speed up the recovery process if you are an injured athlete.

  • MGF

    MGF Mechano Growth Factor Healing Peptides

    Mechano Growth Factor (MGF), also known as IGF-1Ec, is a splice variant of the IGF gene which increases stem cell count in the muscle and allows for muscle fibers to fuse and mature. It is a grow factor or repair factor that is derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue. MGF stimulates muscle growth, creates new muscle fibers, promotes muscle recovery and increases protein synthesis.

  • PEG MGF Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

    Healing Peptides PEG MGF PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor

    If the IGF gene and PEGylated is to improve stability, PEG MGF is a splice variant of the IGF produced by a frame shift. PEG-MGF, or PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor, is an innovative form of the IGF produced by a frame shift if the Mechano Growth Factor (MGF), which is PEGylated to improve stability that outperforms natural MGF many times.

  • Melanotan 2

    Melanotan 2 Tanning Peptide

    Melanotan-II(MT-2) is a synthetic analogue of the peptide hormone that is similar to a hormone found in people. This peptide hormone, called alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone or MSH, activates certain melanocortin receptors in the process of exerting its effects. Indeed, MSH also exerts potent influence over lipid metabolism, appetite, and sexual libido via these melanocortin receptors.

  • IGF-1 LR3 Peptide Growth Hormone IGF

    IGF-1 LR3 Long arginine 3-IGF-1

    IGF-1 LR3 is an insulin growth factor and it is a human recombinant. It is an 83 amino acid analog of human IGF-I actually comprising the complete human IGF-1 sequence but with the substitution of an Arg for the Glu at position 3, as well as a 13 amino acid extension peptide at the N-terminus. This makes Long R3 IGF-I significantly more potent ( 2-3x) than IGF-I in studies, because it has a lower affinity to be rendered inactive by IGF binding proteins, and consequently more potential activity in the body.

  • Sermorelin Acetate

    Sermorelin Acetate Peptide Sermorelin

    Sermorelin, is a peptide analogue of GHRH(1-29), has 29 amino acids. It is basically a synthetic form of GHRH that can increase bone density and muscle mass, decrease body fat, and improve the immune system and organ functions.

  • GHRP-6

    Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 GHRP-6

    Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 ( GHRP-6) is a peptide that activates the pituitary gland into releasing high levels of growth hormone for a few hours. GHRP 6 is a first generation GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides),  Others in this category include GHRP-2, hexarelin, and ipamorelin. For this series, They increase growth hormone comes from your own body, not synthetic growth hormones which can suppress your natural production.

  • Human Growth Hormone

    HGH 191AA Human Growth Hormone

    Human Growth hormone (HGH), also called somatropin or somatotropin which has 191 amino acids, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth hormone cell reproduction and regeneration in humans.

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